Second Half.

It is a new month. A new month to many usually marks another moment to turn over a new leaf in the event that the previous month turned out to be hell. To some, it is their birthday month, a month for them to grow a year older and wiser. Whatever your view of a new month is, just give thanks to the One above for bringing you this far. But, have you realized that today, yes today the 2nd of July marks the beginning of the second half of the year?

There is a reason why most games have a half-time break. It is usually a time for the coaches to change the game tactics supposing the first half went awry. For the team on the winning side of the first half, it is a time to identify tactics that will help them consolidate their first-half performance in order for them to seize the day. All in all, the second half of the match is very critical to any game because the match is always unpredictable; anything can happen.

We have always seen teams that have been on the losing end of the match in the first half come back in the second half and seize the day! Remember the Miracle In Istanbul? The year was 2005. The game was a Champions League Final pitting Italian Giants AC Milan against the most successful English club in the Champions League i.e. Liverpool. By then, I was supporting Liverpool to take the cup being a big fan of the EPL. Liverpool conceded easily within the first minute. They further conceded another two goals to end the first half three goals down. What makes this match be termed as a miracle is that Liverpool made a comeback in the second half within 6 minutes, yes you read that right, 6 minutes!! The second half was so intense and the game was forced to go into extra time and eventually had to be decided on penalties where Liverpool emerged with victory.



Liverpool players react after the final spot kick went in to make them the UEFA Champions in 2005.

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The Miracle in Istanbul serves to remind us that we should not give up when the going gets tough. We should hold on and identify appropriate measures we need to take to improve our lives. We need to view a crisis as a chance to prove how strong we can be. At times we need to hit the rock bottom in order for us to become successful. Hitting the rock bottom should also serve to make us strong.


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You have a chance to make your life better during this second half of the year. You have the chance to achieve that goal or resolution you set at the beginning of the year. If you wanted to become a millionaire, there goes your chance. If you wanted to start a business, well there goes your chance. Moreover, if your life had experienced a ‘beatdown’ in the first half just forget it and focus on the positives. Start the second half on a positive note and remember that as a man thinketh so he is. If you think the second half is just going to be tough like the first, then it will be tough. Think positive and act right!


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Be You…..

Currently, planet earth has an approximate population of 6 billion human beings. God created each one of us differently. We have black, brown, hazel, chocolate, white, orange, yellow coloured people. I’m not separating on the basis of colour, but Im trying to show just how different we are, with a basic clear example.


Inside each one of us, we have different outlooks towards life, different tastes of foods and drinks, different hobbies, different principles, I mean, the list is endless, but the point is, we are so different. This is why we have menus at restaurants, for you to choose what you want, many music genres because we have different tastes, I could go on and on but you do get my point, right? I mean, even identical twins and triplets are so different- character wise, identity, even one could have a slightly different complexion than the other.



Identical Twins.              Image Credits: testmedna

Many people try to please other people they perceive as more important to others so that they get some sort of social credit and status. Sad, isn’t it? Lemmie use the jigsaw as an example. A jigsaw has different parts of the puzzle. Every piece is unique from the other in terms of shape, colour, design, etc. If two pieces were identical, then it would be useless. The picture or message that was meant to be conveyed on completion would not come through. This means that as different as the pieces maybe, they all serve a purpose. What I’m trying to say is that being you is key for one’s self-development. It also brings one so much joy and peace when they do what they love and be who God intended them to be. Do not let people and the world make you into something you are not. If you do, you’ll end up a sad bitter person, not understanding what went wrong, where did it all go wrong.



A jigsaw puzzle.

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Being you comes with a task of being able to speak for oneself and stand for what you believe in. Not what the cool kid of the class thinks or what your best friend thinks or what your parents think. And when you stand for what you believe, people will respect and appreciate that and will stop using you or disregarding your presence. People also tend to judge people who try to be like others negatively. Try to be you and do you. Remember, the world needs you to be you than to be like the coolest dudes in your class. So go ahead and be you. The world will be a better place, Trust me.


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Authored by JJ


Happy New Month!!!!!

The first half of the year is really coming to a close. This month marks the last month of the first half of the year 2016. For the football lovers, Euro 2016 will be kicking off in France in the course of this month. Well, that is just one of the major events to anticipate during this month.



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As an individual, a new month presents you with a chance to turn over a new leaf. To some other people, a new month is a time for them to determine whether they review have been treading on the right path or not. It is a chance for them to take on the set goals for the month so that they can remain on course towards achieving what they set forth at the beginning of the year in their resolutions.

Take this time to look back and see whether you are on the right path. Take a moment and reflect. Pose this important question to yourself: Is this place where I had set myself to be at the beginning of the year? If your answer is yes, keep it up! If your answer is no, do not worry. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So during this month, take time to adopt new healthy habits that will streamline you towards achieving your set targets.



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Remember that life presents you with a second chance and it is called TOMORROW. Do not despair. Stay focused. Happy New Month!!!



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