Demystifying Opinions…

Opinions are held by everyone; none of them are right or wrong, and the only ones that truly matter to you are your own. Opinions can be the cause of or lead to violence and wars. Opinions are merely emotionally held feelings about something. While at times they may be based in fact or truth, they do not necessarily have to contain those elements.

When we understand that they are always based on feelings and that you only have the ability to know and change your own, you can then use them as tools to your own freedom. You see, many times you have held yourself back in your own expansion because you have feared the opinions of others. In actuality, you feared the opinions you have or might hold about yourself.

Seek to know and own your opinions, and allow others the same freedom.


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How to get what you want..

Power-consciousness is what you feel when you know that you can do a thing; and you know HOW to do the thing. If I can cause you to KNOW that you can succeed, and to know that you know HOW to succeed, I have placed success within your grasp; for if you know that you can do a thing and know that you know how to do it, it is impossible that you should fail to do it, if you really try. When you are in full Power-Consciousness, you will approach the task in an absolutely successful frame of mind. Every thought will be a successful thought, every action a successful action; and if every thought and action is successful, the sum-total of all your actions can not be failure.


In today’s world, there’s no shortage of things to make you angry. But is angry really the way you want to be?

Anger certainly grabs your attention, heightening your awareness, giving a burst of energy. Yet once that happens, anger has nothing more to offer.

Maintaining anger will drain your energy. And what you get in return is nothing of any value.

Be angry if you must, then quickly let the anger go. Free yourself to respond in a way that’s beneficial and effective.

Don’t let yourself be trapped by anger and forced into destructive reaction. Step away from the desire for revenge or punishment, and find a positive response.

Focus on the good you can do, on the positive difference you can make. Leave anger behind as you move forward with the commitment to make things better.

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