Moving on from the old you…

I have just finished reading The Compound Effect written by Darren Hardy. The book is meant to motivate and inspire one to success in his/her life through realization of the ‘compound effect’.

One excerpt that caught my eye and which I would wish to share with you is about persistence in times of adversity and its importance in helping you grow. It goes:

”When conditions are great, things are easy, there aren’t any

distractions, no one is interrupting, temptations aren’t luring,

and nothing is disturbing your stride; that too is when most

everyone else does great. It’s not until situations are difficult,

when problems come up and temptation is great, that you get

to prove your worthiness for progress. As Jim Rohn would say,

Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

When you hit the wall in your disciplines, routines, rhythms,

and consistency, realize that’s when you are separating yourself

from your old self, scaling that wall, and finding your new

powerful, triumphant, and victorious self.”

Extracted From Page 145


It is important that we realize that tough times never last and that it is in facing and overcoming hurdles that we shall be able to move from our old selves to our new and victorious self.

Move beyond the Ego..

I shall define ego as an imaginary protection you have allowed to be created around you because it thinks it keeps you safe for the sake of the point I want to drive home through this post. Yes, it is helpful if you think of the ego as a separate entity, of sorts.

It might work something like this. You are about to do something in your life that you know might be a risk, but you also know it is the direction you desire to go in your life. Then your ego will allow all manner of temporary distractions to show up that it thinks will hopefully prevent you from moving in that direction, and now your ego thinks it has kept you safe.

Study this scenario and you will begin to notice many areas of your life where the ego has been at work. It is only then that you will be able to move beyond the ego.

As Einstein put it:


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I CAN because I think I CAN


I can because I think I can.
I am programmed for success. I believe I am a winner!
I can do anything. My belief system is limitless.
I can! I can! I can!

For more tips on how to use the declarations, it would be advisable that you get a copy of the Millionaire Mindset.