Semper Gratus

Whatever you are thankful for gains value from your thankfulness. Whatever you appreciate becomes more useful and accessible by virtue of your appreciation.

You get much more from life when you appreciate what you already have. That’s true for relationships, resources, skills, situations and experiences.

The circumstances hardest to appreciate are where appreciation can make the greatest positive difference. Find a way to appreciate, and you find your way to new value.

Goodness comes into your life in countless forms. Gratitude takes you to the heart of goodness, no matter how it appears on the outside.

It’s easy to be thankful for the pleasant things, and certainly a good idea to do so. Yet it is even more empowering and transformative to be thankful for all the other things.

Find a way to be thankful, no matter what. You’ll find new value each time you do.



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Keep on trying…

You cannot know how to ride a bicycle by just reading a manual. You have to jump on the bicycle, fall down , fall many times until you learn how to balance yourself and ride the bicycle.

Every single person who rides a bicycle today has fallen down numerous times but despite the pain and injuries, they never gave up. They kept trying and trying until they got it right.

Similarly, in life, there is nothing that you will ever achieve by just wishing and praying for it. You have to get out and indulge yourself in the actual action. You have to do something. You have to try. You will fail but you are not supposed to give up. Success is not for any chosen few I keep saying, success is for everyone who understands that failure is just one of the process of getting there. Listen, I know you might be reading this and thinking this is too cliche but this is the reality. There is no jackpot in real life; you have to go out and try and keep trying without giving up. This week, don’t give up ; keep trying and trying until you get it right.



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