Go the extra mile…

When you’ve done all that needs to be done, you’ve earned the opportunity to go above and beyond. Instead of stopping when you’re finished, you can take advantage of the momentum you’ve created.

When you do just what’s needed, just what’s expected, you’ll always manage to get by. Yet by adding a little extra effort, you can exceed expectations and move into the realms of greatness.

When you’ve given the task all you can, consider giving a little more. The extra effort will magnify the value of what you’ve already done.

Mo Farah wins the 5,000mRemember in an athletics race e.g. a 5000 meter footrace, the difference between first and second place is often just a few hundredths of a second. Just a fraction of a percent of extra effort, of extra speed, wins the race.

Extra effort transforms mediocrity into excellence. Extra effort leverages what you’ve already done, sometimes increasing the rewards by orders of magnitude.

If you’ve done enough, do a little more. Discover what a big difference it can make.


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Find your voice…

I haven’t gotten where I want to be in my life, but, the more I live this life, day after day, experience has taught and keeps teaching me that the things that cause me the most pain end up being the most successful and rewarding. Suffering humiliation, rejection, dehumanization, and dismissal by others is not the end of the road! You have to keep crawling forward even if it means going or doing it all alone!

Never let those who tear you down to win over you! Always find your voice in all you do or aspire to do! There are more humans who will pull you down than those who lift others up! Find your own base and curve your personal operational niche. Never, ever, ever give up on yourself!


Image Credits: http://www.springforward.com.au/spring-forward-your-week-never-give-up/