Deal with Clients….

I found the following case below interesting and worth sharing:

If your boss paid you 30,000 every month and you saved all that money without touching a coin, you would need to work for 36 months to get 1million. But if you convinced an organization like The UN to give you a printing job for only 5000 umbrellas and you made 200bob from each umbrella that would be 5000×200=1,000,000 in only 1 day.

It becomes crazy if you want to become a billionare. Say your boss pays you 1m per month and you saved all that money without touching a single coin, in a year you would only have 12million and you would need to work for 84years to get 1billion (How old are you??).

However, in a nation with a population of 40million people, such as Kenya; if you supllied salt to 12million of them once per month making 10bob per packet, it would only take you 1 year to be a billionare!!

Because, the way to be rich is to stop dealing with bosses and start dealing with clients.


Transform your dissatisfaction…

Are you always wishing you were somewhere else? Well, for the moment you’re not, so your best choice is to make the most of where you are.

Do you wish you had more money, resources, time, connections or experience? The way to get those things you don’t yet have is to make full use of what you do have.

Do you fear what you’re doing is causing you to miss out on something better? Remind yourself you’re doing what you’re doing because of the choices you’ve made, and honor those choices.

Wishing for something better takes time and energy away from actually creating something better. stop wishing and start creating.

Pay attention to your feelings, but don’t let them destroy your effectiveness. Listen to your desires, devise a realistic plan to get where you want to be, and work that plan.

Feel your dissatisfaction, and take positive energy from it. Transform that energy into focused effort, and push your life where you want it to go.



At peace…

You are right and so is everyone else. It is important for you to understand this concept if you are ever to reach your real goal of the experience of personal peace.

At times you think that your goal is an end to conflict, arguments, and disagreements, but that is not your true goal because all of those things also serve their purpose for you in reaching your goal of personal peace. You will engage in an argument, for instance, because it helps you to come to discover, know, and own your own truth. Now the conflict or the argument helped you to come to know your truth. When it is accepted by you there is no longer a need for the conflict or argument.

When you apply this idea to your individual life as well as your world, you will find your personal peace.

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