Activity creates energy. Involvement generates enthusiasm.

If you feel stuck, get up, get yourself moving, and create a change of scenery. If you feel bored or indifferent, make a commitment to make a positive difference for others.

Those who get the most out of life are those who put the most into it. Around every corner are situations where you can make meaningful contributions.

If you expect genuine fulfillment to be served to you on a silver platter, you’ll be sadly disappointed. If you’re cynical or dismayed, there’s much you can do to change your impression.

If you care about life enough to criticize it, then you can care enough to actively improve it. You can transform the power of your dismay and disappointment into energy that will make a positive difference.

Get yourself more active and get yourself more involved. Feel the joy and fulfillment of pointing enthusiastic energy in a positive direction.


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Self-imposed limitations…

Many of the limitations we have are actually just self-imposed limitations that we choose out of fear.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of being ridiculed, whatever the excuse is, people will find one that fits them…

People’s fear of being judged by those that told them they couldn’t do it is just too much. You don’t want to get out and prove them wrong. Some of us fear that they can’t handle the success that will come their way if they actually succeed. The truth is these are nothing but excuses that we give ourselves so that we cannot get out of our comfort zone.
The only way to know for sure about anything is to get up off your bed, get in the game and give it your best shot, then and only then you will know for sure and have the answers to all the fears you have in your head.

Stop procrastinating and just do it! You are your own limitation!!

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Every prediction of the future is based on the past. No person knows for sure what will happen tomorrow, or next year.

If you are tempted to be discouraged about the future, avoid that temptation. The results are not in yet, and you can act right now to dramatically improve those results.

There are billions of people in this world, seeking to live prosperous and fulfilling lives. Each day, a whole lot of them are doing so.

Countless new and worthwhile ideas are born every moment. In our highly interconnected world, good ideas and their implementations can quickly spread.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Yet there’s an enormous shared incentive, spread throughout the world, to make tomorrow a little better than today.

Let yourself envision a bright future ahead, then do something to make it so. You can be sure many others, every day, are doing the same.


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Confront the fear of failure….

The greatest men of all time are not those who feared failure, but rather those who confronted it head on. Do not fear to fail.
Many people fail everyday anyway but they learn from their failures and re-strategize and eventually they triumph.
You should rather fear NOT TRYING than failure.



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Choose to be Positive and Realistic…

Being positive about your prospects will improve your prospects. You’ll be more energetic, more persistent, more effective.

A positive perspective might be justified, or it might not be. In either case, it’s the best choice.

Being positive does not mean you must deny that negative factors exist. Rather, it means you commit yourself to successfully working through those negative influences.

You’ll encounter plenty of challenges pushing back against your efforts. Don’t let your own outlook be one of those challenges.

Though negativity might be the most obvious reaction, it is not in your best interest. You can always choose to be both positive and realistic.

Give yourself the advantage of a positive perspective. No matter how difficult the situation, being positive will put you in the best position to deal with it.

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Today I choose to use Italiano for my title. The title means acknowledgement when translated to English. There is one common goal that everyone shares and the awareness of this can change your world. That one goal is acknowledgment. You seek acknowledgment for everything you do, have done, and hope to do. It is the one motivating factor that causes you or anyone else to do anything.

Acknowledgment means that you are recognized as existing, and in that manner you matter and become important not only to yourself but everyone else.

When you begin to understand that this is what everyone else seeks and that you are all one, you will find a way to offer that acknowledgment to others and in turn you receive it as well.

There is nothing better you could do for yourself and your world than to seek and share this understanding.

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What is Character?

In my quest to establish myself as an entrepreneur, I went all out in search of pieces of materials that could help me in this journey. From reading biographies and autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs to subscribing for alerts from useful websites to hearing stories and asking questions to watching TV shows, I ensured I did everything that could add value and give me insights.

One day while watching Young Rich, a TV Show about young successful entrepreneurs, they happened to host Eric Kinoti. He is the founder and CEO of Shade Systems (EA) Ltd. It is a usual drill of the show’s host to ask entrepreneurs their favorite reads. On this occasion, I usually take time to write down the titles of these favorite reads and proceed to download them. As they say, if you want to be like them (the wealthy and the successful) behave like them.

You Can Win by Shiv Khera happened to be one of Kinoti’s favorite reads. I immediately assembled my resources and proceeded to download the book. Over the course of the week, I read the book as I sought to drink from the everflowing fountain of knowledge contained in such forms of writing. I must admit that it was one of the most interesting and informative books I have ever read.

One of the most important lessons I learned was about CHARACTER. I shall proceed to share that lesson with you as below:

What is Character?

Character is a Combination:

Character is a combination of integrity, unselfishness, understanding, conviction, courage, loyalty and respect.

What is a pleasant personality with character?

  • It is a class by itself.

  • It is composure.

  • It is poise.

  • It is surefootedness and confidence without arrogance.

  • It is being considerate.

  • It is never making excuses.

  • It is knowing that courtesy and good manners take many small sacrifices.

  • It is learning from past mistakes.

  • It has nothing to do with money or blue blood.

  • It never builds itself by destroying others.

  • It is substance, not just form.

  • It can walk with the elite and yet maintain the common touch.

  • It is a gentle word, a kind look and a good-natured smile.

  • It is the secret pride that stands against tyranny.

  • It is comfortable with itself and others.

  • It is the classic touch that gives the winning edge.

  • It works wonders.

  • It accomplishes miracles.

  • It is easy to recognize, hard to define.

  • It is accepting responsibility.

  • It is humility.

  • It is graciousness in victory and defeat.

  • It is not fame and fortune.

  • It is not a plaque.

  • It is permanent.

  • It is intangible.

  • It is being courteous and polite without being subservient.

  • It is being classy without being corky.

  • It is self-discipline and knowledge.

  • It is self-contained.

  • It is a gracious winner and an understanding loser.

More difficult than success itself is; how we handle success. Many people know how to become successful but after they become successful, they don’t know how to handle it that is why ability and character go hand in hand. Ability will get you success, character will keep you successful.

We don’t unfold or discover ourselves, we create and build ourselves into the kind of person we want to be.

Character building starts from infancy and goes on until death. Character does not need success. It is success. Just like a gardener has to keep weeding to prevent weeds from eating the life of the garden, we need to keep building and developing our character by weeding out our faults

-As extracted from You Can Win by Shiv Khera pages 37-38

The endgame of any entrepreneurial venture is success. Along the way, many are faced with a string of failures which most of the times leaves one on the verge of quiting. However, holding on usually leads to success if and only if one engages the right gears. One of the most important lessons passed by the author of this book is that when we become successful, we should not forget minding about our character. As he says, ability will get you success, character will keep you successful. In addition, Character does not need success; it is success.

A to Z of LIFE…

Just recently, I happened to attend a church service and I must admit that it was one of the best I  ever attended. From Praise and Worship to opening prayer to entertainment from all church spheres (by spheres here I mean Men’s Fellowship, Women Ministries, the Youth and not forgetting the Sunday School) to the Sermon, I must say all just  brought about a breath of life and more so the breath of heaven upon the congregation.

Let me dive straight into the gist of that day i.e. the sermon. The preacher took to the dais and the word of the day came from the book of John 11. I know when anyone mentions John 11, the first verse that rings into our minds is verse 35!! But today, the preacher focused on verses 8-9 and also verse 11. Here, the greatest lesson that was passed across was that our calendar is in God’s hands (v9) and that the raising of Lazarus from the dead was meant to tell the world that everything is in God’s hands too.

To lay emphasis on this passage, the preacher reminded us that NOTHING IS PERMANENT IN THIS WORLD, EVEN OUR TROUBLES. She proposed that one way of dealing with the stresses we encounter was doing something we have never done before e.g. going to a private hotel or to a mall you have always wanted to as this will serve to divert you away from deep thoughts which usually worsens the situation. In my case, when I’m stressed, I usually eat something I have never eaten before hehehe! Or more still in the same breath, I take my precious time to cook a meal I have always longed for and by the time I’m done the stress is gone!!!

Remember STRESSED written backwards is DESSERTS. What do I mean? I mean when you are STRESSED you should try DESSERTS.e843122307f6b2f794614ff896d215ed

As she came to a close, she gave us a summarized alphabetical meaning of life as below:

ABC: Avoid Bad Company (As it is often said, bad company ruins good morals. Need I say more?).

DEF: Don’t Entertain Fools (this one here is self explanatory).

GHI: Go for High Ideas (You cannot achieve big if you go for small things).

JKLM: Just Keep Legit and Modest friend ( have a company of friends who will not backstab you..those are REAL).

NOP: Never Overlook the Poor and the suffering/ or best still Never Overlook other People.

QRS: Quit Reacting to Silly texts or news (this is so much applicable to the present day and era of technology and social media. Need I say more?).

TUV: Tune Urself for Victory (here, entrust everything to the Lord and surely victory will be yours!).

W: When you lose at life, don’t lose the lesson learned. (heed the lessons of failure).

X: eXcellence in all your efforts (if you strive for excellence in everything you do, success will follow you running with pants down39428487)

Y: You, yes you! You are unique, nothing can ever take your place.

Z: Zoom ahead of life (as you focus ahead, remember that God is our tour guide).

Just as you learned A for Apple and B for Boy back in kindergarten should you make it a point to remember the A to Z of life. Wasn’t it a sermon worth attending?

Let me hear your views in the comments section below and remember sharing is caring..smiling-tooth-smiley-emoticon



Appreciate your why…

You are in the process of discovering your why and as you do so, you come to know your how. Your why is the purpose of your life or what you intended to accomplish, and your how is the manner you choose to go about that.

Everyone has a why but not all discover it because they may think it needs to be something big or obvious, but the smallest and simplest of goals such as being a good employee, friend, or supportive person can be a why.

Every experience you have had, adventure you have taken, and things you have done in your life have been a part of your individual journey to your why, and as you examine all those things closely, it becomes quite apparent to you.

Now as you discover your why you inspire others to do the same, which is a your why.

In the words of William Barclay:


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